The Label Madame Patina® is a special brand for materials from reclaimed wood with original and painted patina.

With our products, we set accents in modern design and interior decoration, but we also realize elaborate concepts for furniture, wall paneling, floors and ceilings.

Madame Patina® fulfills the highest quality and design requirements, which is reflected in invitations to and participation in international design exhibitions.

It is our goal to provide a unique material that surprises with versatile creative applications which restricts design freedom as little as possible.


The very soul of our products is the surface patina. It reflects decades of exposure to sun, wind and rain and the traces of human and animal usage are distinctly discernible. Time has changed the surface of the wood, even adding to its beauty and character.

We do not remove the patina of our painted products and so the surface finish is enhanced by color and light.

Since we use reclaimed wood, the surfaces of our products can differ slightly from the product photos shown on the website. This is why our products are unique in character and this is what transforms them into something special.


The geometric basic design of Madame Patina® brings structure and contrast. A combination of versatile old wood surfaces creates looks that range from textile to picturesque impressions. Many varied and creative applications are possible when processing the patterns.


Apart from the geometric design, our products are characterized by original reclaimed wood surfaces. Surfaces are painted using mineral, UV-resistant and environmentally friendly colors. We deliver our products without sealing the surfaces. They can remain like that even after assembly, but depending on the field of application and on taste, they can also be treated with wood oils or water-based clear varnish. Such a treatment might, however, lead to changes in the surface color.


All Madame Patina® products can be processed and worked with all standard woodworking machines and processes. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding damage to the original surface. Our products are kiln dried and free of worms and metal. Products are typically made with multilayer adhesive-bonding, which provides great stability. Therefore wall or floor heating systems do not present a problem.


For ordering or price quotes, please consult our checklist or fill out the inquiry form on our website. You can also contact us by phone or send an email. After you have confirmed our written offer, we will immediately process your order and deliver by the agreed deadline.


Please refer to the detailed product description for packaging sizes.
The delivery date is indicated in our offer.
We deliver our products to customers all over the world.
Due to our specialized experience, we are also able to handle large projects.


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