Design & Concept: Christian Loikits

The initial idea was to play and experiment with reclaimed wood. Christian understands reclaimed wood as a material in its own right and he loves the unique finish that shows the signs of age and tells the stories behind the fa├žade. For him, good design means combining contrasting elements and bringing vibrancy to the concept. He likes trash, but also the glamorous gestures of the good old days. His imagination helped to turn these concepts and ideas into Madame Patina.
He lives and works as a freelance designer in Upper Austria.

Contact: T: +43 680 1343569 M:

Productmanagement: Thomas Scharl

Thomas used to travel a lot in his job as a product developer for an international manufacturer of sports equipment. For a few years now, he has been weaving the loose threads of the Madame Patina project together to form a whole. Thomas has the stamina it takes to build a good project. His special talent is to summarize complex situations without simplifying them. He is the contact person for (almost) everything.

Contact: T: +43 7582 816 54 M:

Planing: Hermann Huemer

Although Hermann currently spends most of his time sitting at a desk, he is a carpenter by trade, he knows the difference between theory and reality, and he knows - above all - how to combine both. He has been a key figure in developing and planning Madame Patina and he takes care that customer wishes are translated into reality. True strength lies in serenity.

Contact: T: +43 7582 816 54 M:

Production management: David Huber

David is a qualified wood craftsman and as such, he is responsible for the high quality of the Madame Patina products. His profound knowledge of the properties of wood could be best described as an intersection of craft, physics and chemistry and goes far beyond what the average wood scientist would know. Wood is his passion and also his favorite hobby in his leisure time. Amazing!

Management: Hubert Baumgartner

No Madame Patina without Hubert. As the founder of the business and a pioneer in reclaiming and reusing old wood, he and his team have made the company what it is today. He has unending enthusiasm for old wood. His wealth of experience makes him an absolute all-rounder when it comes to old wood and in the Alpine region, he is a sought-after specialist for used wood. Vision and passion are the traits that distinguish him above all.

Contact: T: +43 7582 816 54 M:

Last but not least: our employees & partners

A lot of individual operations and preconditions are necessary to process old wood into a Madame Patina product. For dismantling, cleaning, treatment, calibration, pressing, office work - to mention but a few keywords - a lot of hands and steps are necessary. Our employees and partners are just as individual as the raw material reclaimed wood. And we are proud of them.

Products according to pattern